Russian Air Force Fighter Bombers Tu-160B And Tu-95MS Adopts New Cruise Missile

Tu-160 Blackjack

A new cruise missile has entered service with the Russian Air Force’s strategic long-range arms division, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said on Tuesday.

He did not provide any details, only saying it was an air-launched long range missile.

AF chief Col Gen Alexander Zelin previously said the new cruise missile was developed by the Taktitcheskoye Raketnoye Vooruzhenie (Tactical Missile) defense corporation and that its specifications were secret.
He said the new missiles would also be installed in fifth-generation fighters.

Douglas Barrie, an air warfare analyst at the London-based International Institute of Strategic Studies, said the new weapon was likely to be “either the Kh-555 or Kh-101/102.”

The Kh-555 is a new conventionally-armed variant of the Kh-55 nuclear-armed cruise missile, which has been in service since the 1984 on Tu-95 and Tu-160 bombers.
Kh-101 is a stealthy nuclear armed cruise-missile under development by the Raduga design bureau, along with a conventionally-armed variant (Kh-102). Globalsecurity claims the weapon was test-fired in October 1998. Some reports claim the weapon is itself a derivative of Kh-555.
Serdyukov also said Russia’s fleet of Tu-160 Blackjack and Tu-95MS Bear strategic bombers will be modernized.

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China To Become World’s Top Fighter Jet Exporter-----Soon

J-10B Fighter Jet

JF-17 Fighter Jet
According to Russian military news report, China will move up from its current status as the world’s number three exporter of fighter jets to the top spot in unit sales within the next three years. China has booked orders for 112 fighter jets for overseas customers to be delivered between 2012 and 2015. During the same period, U.S. will export 110 fighters while Russia will come in third place with 109 deliveries. In terms of the dollar value of fighter jet sales, the U.S. is likely to remain on top.

The famous F-35 fighter jet which made by the U.S. are estimated to cost about $156 million apiece over the life of its production run while the F-16 has been priced at around $165 million. The Chinese and Russia fighters are priced considerably less in order to be competitive. The aging J-7 fighter was China’s staple export fighter during the Cold War era, with sales of about 500 mainly to middle-east countries and North Korea. The J-10 is made entirely from domestically sourced components. In future, China will redesign its advanced J-10 fighters as multirole combat aircraft and sell them to more developing nations for a cheaper price.

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Pakistan Has Developed Smartest Nuclear Tactical Bombs

Pakistan has developed one of the world’s smartest nuclear bombs, Pakistani newspaper The News International reported on Wednesday.

Quoting diplomatic sources, The News said country’s former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf, during one of his meetings with US officials, had deemed it proper to convey it to the Americans what Pakistan possessed and how the country’s nuclear scientists had secured the defence of Pakistan.

the paper says New Delhi also knows what Pakistan has produced and what is really unmatched. The Indians got and believed that Musharraf intentionally conveyed this to the Americans so that the country is not treated by the US like Afghanistan and Iraq Pakistan is neither a signatory to NPT nor CTBT, however, it has unilaterally decided to use its nuclear programme only as deterrence against any foreign aggression, the newspaper said.

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India Army Goes Shopping For New Assault Rifles

The Indian Ministry of Defence has issued a tender for the import of 66,000 5.56 mm assault rifle for an estimated $250 million (Rs 13,000 crore) to replace the locally-designed Indian Small Arms System 5.56 mm AR, which the army has reluctantly employed since the mid-1990s.

The Request for Proposal dispatched to over 40 overseas vendors last month -- with bids to be submitted by mid-Feb 2012 -- requires the 3.66 kg AR's to convert to 7.62x39 mm and be fitted with Picatiny Rail-mounted reflex sights.

The ARs would also need to be equipped with under-barrel grenade launchers and be able to fire locally-produced ammunition.

The RfP also mandates a transfer of technology to the State-owned Ordnance Factory Board to locally make the ARs of which the eventual requirement is expected to be around 2 million for the army, the central paramilitary forces and state police in a massive programme estimated at $2-3 billion.

Armament industry officials, however, said that the exclusion of the private sector from this potential contract was at variance with the MoD's much publicised aim of privatising the monopolistic State-run military-industrial sector.

The imported ARs would supplant the INSAS 5.56 mm AR, which the army had inducted into service some 15 years and employed in counter-insurgency operations but consistently found it operationally inadequate.

The army's association with the INSAS AR programme has been turbulent and problematic.

For long it had objected to the Defence Research and Development Organisation-designed and OFB-built INSAS 5.56 mm AR introduced into service in the mid-1990s to replace the heavier and outmoded range of 7.62mm FNFAL self-loading rifles.

But despite protestations centred round the INSAS ARs sights that malfunctioned in cold regions and its firing mechanism that jammed at critical times, the army was 'persuaded' by the MoD to induct the rifle that took the DRDO nearly a decade to design and the OFB another four to build.

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Washington Covertly Contacts Anti-Pakistan Taliban

Following Islamabad’s refusal to attend the Bonn conference to be held in Germany on December 5th to protest against NATO attack, Washington is covertly trying to take anti-Pakistan Taliban on board, it was reliably learnt here on Wednesday.

Diplomatic sources revealed that senior US military officers met Taliban leader Maulana Fazlullah, presently based in Afghanistan, after NATO’s unprovoked raid on Pak Army checkpoints that killed 24 officers and wounded many others.

The unprovoked NATO attack comes after General Kayani had clearly stated that Pakistan has no intention of launching an armed action in North Waziristan and there is no question of a compromise on national honour in developing relations with the US.

The US and NATO military command convinced Fazlullah and other anti-Pakistan elements, who were present in the meeting, to participate in peace talks with Pentagon and assured him full support for carrying out terror activities inside Pakistan
, a source familiar with the development told this report on the condition of anonymity. The abrupt deployment of US forces near Pak-Afghan border has escalated tension in the region especially the militancy-plagued North Waziristan.

It is important to mention here that Pak Army has repeatedly asked ISAF to act against militants, like Fazlullah, but US has failed to respond positively.

When US have certain expectations from Pakistan, it should reciprocate in the same spirit, sources said, adding,
the US is playing a double game in Afghanistan, blaming Pakistan for allegedly providing sanctuaries to Taliban while feeding anti-Pakistan Taliban with dollars and ammunition to undertake terrorist activities inside Pakistan.

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Pakistan Warned OF Dire Consequences --Ex-Obama National Security Adviser

The US has warned Pakistani leaders of dangerous consequences if there is another terror attack on India that originates from Pakistan, a former top adviser to President Barack Obama has said, asking Islamabad to give up the policy of supporting extremist elements.

Gen (retd) James Jones, who was the national security adviser to President Barack Obama from January 2009 to October 2010, said the message that they should give up the policy of supporting terrorist and extremist elements has been conveyed to Pakistani leaders several times by top US officials.

Jones stated this on the Charlie Rose show on the PBS news network in response to a question.

"I've said this in exactly those words, and I think my former colleagues at the NSC (National Security Council) and at the State Department have done the same thing -- is that you really don't understand, or we don't understand why you don't understand that you're playing Russian roulette here with your future because if there is another attack originating from Pakistan in India, you know, Prime Minister Singh isn't going to be able to (hold back)," he said.

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U.S. Missile Defense Shield In Europe Real Threat To Russia - General Staff

U.S. plans for a missile defense system in Europe will pose a genuine threat to Russia's nuclear deterrence capability if they are carried out in full, a General Staff official said on Friday.

"The situation completely changes with the realization of the third and fourth stages of the missile defense," said Lt. Gen. Andrei Tretyak, head of the General Staff Main Operations Directorate. "Four hundred interceptor missiles on 40 warships and a missile site in Poland. This is a real threat to our strategic nuclear forces."

Russia has never had any plans to deploy missile defense elements outside its borders, he said.

President Dmitry Medvedev warned on Wednesday that Russia would have to build up its nuclear capability if NATO and the United States failed to reach an agreement with Moscow on European missile defense cooperation.
Medvedev and U.S. President Barack Obama are expected address the missile defense issue in late May at the G8 summit in Deauville, France.
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Monday that Moscow was concerned by the United States' refusal to provide legally binding guarantees that its European missile defense system would not be directed against Russia.

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Russian Shipyard Lays Down New Improved Steregushchy Class Corvette

St. Petersburg's Severnaya Verf shipyard on Thursday started construction of a new corvette for The Russian Navy.
The project 20385 corvette is a larger and improved version of the Steregushchy class corvette. It uses stealth technology to reduce the ship's secondary radar field, as well as its acoustic, infrared, magnetic and visual signatures.

"It is a fundamentally new ship for the Russian Navy; its performance and combat power surpass other ships of the same class," Severnaya Verf said in a statement.

Severnaya Verf is currently fulfilling 75 percent of state orders for the construction of warships for all four Russian fleets.

The shipyard has four Steregushchy class corvettes, two Admiral Gorshkov class frigates and a Project 18280 intelligence ship.

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China's Fengyun-3B Satellite Goes Into Official Operation

China's Fengyun-3B (FY-3B) weather satellite will go into official operation on Thursday after finishing a six-month trial period.

The transfer of the satellite to the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) means that China's weather satellite system is now at an "advanced level," according to a statement from the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense said in a statement.

The satellite, launched on November 5 last year, was designed with a lifespan of three years, the statement said.

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Indian FootPrints Emerging On PNS Mehran Naval Base Attack

The footprints of circumstantial evidence regarding the terrorist attack on the Mehran base clearly show the involvement of Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Senior intelligence sources told The News that this was a joint venture, accomplished by RAW certainly with the consent of CIA and a group of al-Qaeda who are being used by the anti-Pakistan lobby.

“Even at this very initial stage, the agencies engaged in the investigation of the attack have got hold of some concrete indications to prove the involvement of foreign hand in the debacle,” one source said. He said that it could easily be calculated who was the prime beneficiary of the shattering strike.

“The militants attacked the base and mainly targeted the P-3C Orion aircraft as they had instructions to destroy them,” he said, adding that it was on record that India had opposed the US provision of these aircraft to Pakistan.

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