Pakistan receives first AWACS aircraft

Pakistan Air Force has inducted the first of the four Saab-2000Erieye Airborne Early Warning and Control (AWAC) aircraft in its fleet.
With this acquisition from Sweden, Pakistan on Tuesday became thesecond country in the region after India to have inducted thesophisticated surveillance aircraft in its air force.
The aircraft is fitted with the latest technology to detect aircraftflying at high and medium altitudes. With state-of-the-art system, itis also capable of detecting objects flying at lower levels over landand sea at extended ranges. The system is also capable of detectingsurface targets over sea.
The Erieye system provides 300 degree coverage and has an effectivedetection range of only 300 km to 350 km. It uses a pulse Doppler radarwith a fixed, wedge-shaped antenna.

“By virtue of these features, Pakistan Air Force would be able toboost its operational capability manifold by achieving requisite earlywarning for efficient and meaningful air defence of its airspace,” anofficial statement said.
As compared to Pakistan’s AWAC system, the Indian Phalcon systemprovides tactical surveillance of airborne and surface targets andhelps gather signal intelligence. It is also capable of trackingfighter planes, missiles and ground forces from a distance of 400kilometres and in all weather conditions.
Pakistan also has plans to acquire four larger advanced warning andcontrol aircraft systems from China, according to agency reports. –Brahmand

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