Pakistan gaining military edge over India

While India keeps cancelling and re-issuing RFPs endlessly, Pakistan isforging ahead on a war footing. They are ahead of India in thefollowing:-

1. Howitzers

India has been dilly-dallying over artillery guns for close to 30 yearssince the Bofors scam. Pakistan has inducted U.S. made M-109 howitzers.

Indian Express: United Nations data reveal that delivery of the M-109A5 self-propelled artillery guns took place last year. The guns weretransferred under the US Foreign Military Financing (FMF) programmethat was granted to Pakistan for the fight against militant groups onits border with Afghanistan. Experts say these M-109 A5 155 mmhowitzers give Pakistan a definite conventional edge over the IndianArmy that is years away from induction of similar systems. Full news

2. UAVs
The game changers in the ****** war are the future of any credible AirForce. But PSU infighting delayed India's plan for 4 years. Recentarticles on 8ak noted that Pakistan has started drone production withSelex Galileo.

3. Fighter Jets
While our military aircraft crash at a rate of 1.5 a month means aconstant grounding of fleets (the Sea Harrier fleet is grounded afterlast weeks crash), Pakistan is upgrading their F-16s to the latestBlock C/D with a little help from Turkey. Russia has also given the goahead to China to give Pakistan the engines for the JF series fighteraircraft.

4. Motivation
The Pakistani people are united, not by their nationality, but by theirreligion and their constantly-re-inforced-by-the-mullahs/governmentview on Kashmir. Add to this the combat experience they are gaining inthe ****** war and one can see that they would be a formidable force.

5. Funds
While India's budget is larger thanks to a better economy, Pakistangets billions in equipment and training from the U.S., China andIslamic sympathisers like Saudi Arabia.

The list could go on to include helicopters, missiles, nuclear weapons.But at least India has the Arihant submarine. Well not exactly.Strategy Page article says that the Arihant was launched without aworking reactor to scam the public in to believing that the governmenthas something to show after sinking billions in to those projects.

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