Pakistan to get US guided-missile frigate on Aug 31

WASHINGTON: Pakistan and United States signed a contract for thetransfer of the guided-missile frigate USS McInerney here on Tuesday.

The contract will enable Pakistan to take over the USS McInerney at theUS Naval station Mayport, Florida on August 31 this year, after whichit will be commissioned as PNS Alamgir .A comprehensive refurbishmentof the ship will be undertaken under the supervision of US Navy, whichwill be completed by January 2011.

Defence Procurement AttachÈ Captain Abdur Rehman inked the contract onbehalf of Pakistan Navy. The successful culmination of this contractwill also pave way for acquisition of more vessels of same class forthe Pakistan Navy to raise a squadron of eight Perry-Class frigates.This will greatly enhance operational readiness of Pakistan Navy.

USS McInerney is the second ship of the Oliver Hazard Perry-Class ofguided-missile frigates. In September 2008, the US Congress hadapproved provision of the frigate to Pakistan with a delivery date ofAugust 2010. Citing the Foreign Assistance Act and the Arms ExportControl Act, Pakistan is considered a major non-Nato ally and is ableto receive older unneeded US military equipment. Additionally, the32-year-old frigate will be given a $ 65 million refurbishment,including anti-submarine capability paid for with foreign military aidprovided by the US to the friendly countries. Pakistan will pay $78million for the frigate

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