Chinese PLAN Aircraft Carrier Varyag Latest Update

This is a shot of the Sea Eagle radar on top of Varyag Chinese Aircraft Carrier.

The other thing we can see is wide installations of Type 730 CIWSand HQ-10 (Chinese version of SeaRAM) on Varyag. They are installed inthe 4 locations that Kashtan and AK-630 used to be installed on AdmiralK class. 

In each of those locations, the 2 Kashtan + 1 AK-630 (maybe 2 AK-630 ina couple of spots) are now replaced by 1 Type 730, 1 HQ-10 and 1mysterious installation (appears to be some kind multi-purpose rocketlauncher for decoy purpose).

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2 Responses to Chinese PLAN Aircraft Carrier Varyag Latest Update

  1. they will definitely make it operational for sure no doubt

  2. That is why me must destroy it first...


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