Sri Lanka Buying Al-Khalid Tanks from Pakistan

Enhanced defence cooperation between Pakistan andSri Lanka is likely to be finalised during Pakistani President Asif AliZardari’s three-day official visit to Sri Lanka, later this month.

Diplomatic and government sources said that there was a wide scope forenhanced military ties between the two nations and it would be exploredduring talks between Zardari and his Sri Lankan counterpart, PresidentMahinda Rajapaksa.

"With the defeat of the Liberation Tigers ofTamil Eelam (LTTE), the nature as well as scope of defence cooperationis bound to change somewhat, but in a broader sense it would includemilitary training, intelligence sharing, arms supplies, etc.

Pakistan has already proposed a futuristic defencecooperation agreement. As one of the largest suppliers of high-techmilitary equipment, Pakistan played an important role in assisting SriLanka defeat the LTTE," source said.

Pakistan is said to have the largest conventional arms and ordnancefacility, which provides several varieties of armaments for export.These include infantry weapons, anti-aircraft and artillery ammunition,tank and aircraft ammunition, rockets and aerial bombs.

"The shopping list included 22Al-Khalid tanks worth US$ 100 million and weaponry totalling about US$65 million. The inventory for the army was worth US$ 25 million and US$40 million for the Air Force. 250,000 rounds of mortar ammunitioncosting US$ 25 million and 150,000 hand grenades were also purchased.

Last year one ship weaponry loads was sent to SriLanka every 12 days to bolster the assault on the LTTE’s headquartersin Killinochchi," he said.

Talks between Zadari and Rajapaksa, would alsocover trade, investment, economic cooperation, tourism, culture andmedia, the sources said.

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One Response to Sri Lanka Buying Al-Khalid Tanks from Pakistan

  1. is it true that sri lanka is buyin al-khalid tanks ?
    When will it b happened ?


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