Chengdu J-20 Fifth Generation Fighter Jet - Latest Update


In August 2008 it was reported that 611 Institute was selected to be the main contractor for the development of the fifth-generation stealthy J-20, and that 601 Institute was the sub-contractor.

Now 611 Institute has started to issue manufacturing drawings for constructing the first prototype, which is expected to fly by 2011.

The only Russian input is AL-31F Engine for prototype which is replaced by WS-15 Chinese Engine in serial production.

The latest news suggested first Chengdu J-20 Fifth Generation Fighter had been built at CAC.

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6 Responses to Chengdu J-20 Fifth Generation Fighter Jet - Latest Update

  1. Engine rather looks like a WS-10 series one.

    The nozzle is too broad and short to be a AL-31F...

    But whatever. lets just wait for clearer pics...

  2. Actually CHina can complete this 5th Gen Jet for just only one week, thats how good china is

  3. So USA! Prepare for a war with China! But don't worry. They steal your technology, but it's a cheap copy. The problem is that they outnumber you. And quantity always win with quality.

  4. Another conspiracy photo? This photo reminds me of big foot with the same poor quality. There are so many photos on the internet claiming that "this is the real Chinese fifth generation aircraft" and it always proves false.

    I seriously doubt this will materialize into anything, and will probably just die as other so-called "photos of the new Chinese aircraft" had in the past.

  5. To all the peace lover ,

    The Chinese J20 is as good as other top fighter jet. But what Chinese does is what i most respected which the USA NEVER ever could do it. The Chinese PLA uses its military jet for peaceful purpose for decades . The America uses the fighter jet to threaten the world peace , and of course the J20 is the answer for it. If USA is not threating the world peace . The Chinese will not make this kind of weapon . Good on u China. U are the world peace lover , the world is looking up at u for that. Cheers !!!! USA is not supposed to be the ONLY superpower which is not good for world peace. We need a balance superpower like China !!!

  6. You mean "to all the pseudo peace lovers" or "to those who are Hitler in disguise"? Shall I remind you that PLA is backing up governments of North Korea, Iran, and all those Axis of Evil. If this is what you see as a principal means of bringing world peace and progress, then I highly recommend you and your family to move to one of those countries, particularly China, and spend the rest of your life there enjoying the quietude, peace and serenity created by the so-called respectable governments, if you have not done so. Just to be clear, when I use the term "Axis of Evil", I don't mean it as defined by the US government, but from the perspective of the general public
    of the world.


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