Preparations Are Underway For The Maiden Test Of The Agni-II Plus Missile

Agni-II Plus is a modified version of the Agni-II strategic missile andthe test will be conducted from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) onWheeler Island in the Bay of Bengal.

The success of this maiden flight test of a complete nuclear-capablemissile, also known as Agni-II prime or A-2, developed by the DefenceResearch Development Organisation (DRDO), will set a new chapter in theIndia's missile programme.

According to Director General of DRDO V K Saraswat, the new missilewould have a higher range, higher performance with respect to thethrust and weight ratio than Agni-II missile which has a range of 2,000km.

Being an upgraded version of the Agni-II, the new missile, sources said, would be more accurate and powerful.

The new missile would perform more better at various levels in terms ofaccuracy, strength and distance covered in comparison to Agni-IImissile.

The surface-to-surface missile can hit targets in between 2,500 km and3,000 km thereby bridging the gap between the Agni II missile which hasa range of 2,500 kms and the Agni III missile having a range of 3,000km.

The Agni II Plus missile could also carry extra fuel and will have anew motor in its re-entry vehicle for better maneuverability and animproved navigation system.

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