Chen Bingde holds talks with UAE counterpart

 Chen Bingde said that although China and the UAE aregeographically far apart, the two countries, as developing countries,share common interests in many fields. Since the establishment of thediplomatic relations, under the concern of leaders of the two countriesand the common efforts of both sides, the bilateral relations have beenconstantly strengthened and developed, and the two militaries havemaintained close contact and carried out sound cooperation in manyfields, obtaining satisfactory achievements. Chen hoped both sidescould work together to constantly develop and deepen the exchanges andco-operation between the two militaries in a wide range of fields andat a multiple of layers.
  Rumaithy said that the UAE side appreciated that China had madepositive contributions to the peace and development in Middle East. TheUAE Armed Forces hopes to expand co-operation with the Chinese militaryin various fields including personnel training.
  Before the talks, Chen Bingde held a welcoming ceremony for Rumaithy.
  At the invitation of Chen Bingde, Rumaithy came to China for the first time on June 7 to kick off a 3-day-long visit.
  By Li Xiaowei

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