First Firing Of MBDA’s SCALP Naval Missile

France: The first test firing of the SCALP Naval missile was carried out successfully by the French DGA (Direction Generale de l'Armement) at its Biscarosse test range on 28th May 2010. SCALP Naval is a development for the French Navy's naval cruise missile MdCN (Missile de Croisiere Naval) programme.
The firing was carried out using a FREMM frigate configuration from a production series Sylver A70 launcher.
As a result of this successful test, the maturity of the weaponsystem's definition as well as the technology options selected by MBDAhave been validated. Indeed, all phases of the missile's flightproceeded perfectly to plan, from the vertical launch, the separationof the ejectable booster right through to the conclusion of its cruiseflight.

This first test firing, being representative of a typical mission, has, amongst other benefits, allowed the full flight envelope to be by and large carried out. It has also validated SCALP Naval's interface with the operational Sylver launcher.
The SCALP Naval munition is adevelopment covering two configurations responding to the French Navy'smission needs, comprising a vertical launch variant destined forsurface vessels such as the FREMM frigate and a sub-surface / airtransition version to arm the nuclear-powered Barracuda attack submarine.
"MdCN is a major programme for MBDA. The total success of this firstSCALP Naval firing demonstrates our ability to maintain the highestlevel of technology as well as a strong industrial base in France, bothcoming together in response to the country's strategic needs", saidAntoine Bouvier, CEO of MBDA.

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