KMW Unveils Dingo 2 Recovery Vehicle

The multitudinous and extremely variable DINGO 2 family from Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) has welcomed a new arrival. The company presented the armoured DINGO 2 recovery vehicle at the EUROSATORY trade fair in Paris. This vehicle combines high performancecapability with speed. With a hydraulic 10-ton recovery winch – theDINGO 2 is suitable for any incapacitated vehicle up to the weightclass of the DINGO 2 during towing operation.
“Time is of the essence when recovering vehicles that have beeninvolved in accidents, and particularly when rescuing the crew in timeof crisis and conflict”, says Frank Haun, chairman of the KMW board of directors in Paris. “This is why the DINGO 2 recovery vehicle is designed to be able to respond immediately”. Unlike conventional recovery vehicles, the new development can follow patrol and convoy vehicles in deployment areas because of its size and its outstanding mobility.

For the first time, this extremely mobile recovery version of theDINGO 2 has three axles (6x6) but is still based on a UNIMOG chassis,like the entire DINGO 2 family, making operation, maintenance and training easier. The new vehicleweighs 17.5 tons and can therefore be transported by air withoutproblems. Like all of the DINGO 2 vehicles that are already in thefield, the 3-man crew can rely on the high level of protection that isprovided and also keep a close eye on the situation using the extendedrear-view camera system.
Like its sister versions, this new development is also intended to be the vehicle with the best protection in its class for patrols, ambulance operations, reconnaissance, transport,ABC reconnaissance missions, battle damage repair and maintenance. Thevehicle can also be equipped with the standardized KMW FLW 100(remote-controlled light weapon station).
KMW has developed the concept of a modular all-round protection transportvehicle for various tactical deployment variants over the last fewyears. The DINGO 2 recovery is a further addition to this successfulfamily of vehicles. Over 700 DINGOs in various are currently in usewith five European nations.

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