LCA Undergoing Sea Trials

Tejas’s out-of-station flight-test plan, with pilotsfrom the Bengaluru-based National Flight Test Center performing highangle-of-attack (AOA) maneuvers.
A source tells AVIATIONWEEK that Tejas will undergo parameter identification (PID) andsea-level flutter vibration tests, with an all-external stores (bombs,fuel tanks, missiles) configuration.

“The PID is done[with] latest software version of the digital flight control computerbeing developed by the Aeronautical Development Establishment,” thesource says. “There are many system integration checks and weapon modesto be tested. We need to check some more sea-level performance pointsin high-AOA mode.”

The Tejas took part in earlier trials atNAS Hansa, during which it fired a missile, and will undergo extensiveweapon testing next month. A large contingent of engineers, scientists,pilots and ground crew are in Goa for the trials, which will continueuntil next week.

Five Tejas aircraft from the flight line are expected to participate in the sea trials.
“Radarassessment at sea level for air-to-air and air-to-sea mode will also betested,” the source says. “The Tejas will be flown at differentaltitudes and Mach numbers, while the flutter test will be done withvarious external configurations.”

The trials are criticalfor the Tejas program, which is moving toward completing allpre-initial operational clearance requirements.

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