Prithvi 2 Missile Test on Sept 24


Preparation is underway for conduct of Test of surface to surface Prithvi II missile from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur-on-sea on September 24 next.

The nine-mt-long and one mt in width missile could carry conventional as well as nuclear warheads and has a range of 350 kms.

It was one of five missiles being developed under Integrated Missile Development Programme.

ITR sources said the missile would be tested for 320 km range.

Earlier on June 18 last, the missile was conducted for a range of 273 km.

According to Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO) sources, the tests would be part of the user trial, which was conducted by a special contingent raised by the Army from LC -III.

Prithvi-II is capable of carrying a payload of between 500 kg and one ton, including nuclear weapons. The nuclear-capable Prithvi-II missile has already been inducted in the armed forces and is handled by the Army units attached to the strategic force command's special group.

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