First LH helicopter-to-helicopter, Red-vs-Blue, air combat exercise

After forming the PLA's first Air Assault Battalion in November 2009 (here) the7th LH (Army Aviation) Regiment, Jinan MR, conducted its firstlarge-scale helicopter-to-helicopter, Red-vs-Blue air combat exercisetoday.  Clearly, the PLA high command envisions an escort/air defenserole for the light Z-9G. Here's the link to the PLA Daily article onthis exercise (here)

And here is our early blog entry on the Z-9G's Air-to-Air configuration.

Saturday, August 15, 2009
Z-9G Attack Helicopter in Air-to-Air Configuration

Recently open source internet images have been seen of the Z-9Gmounting the TY-90 lightweight air-to-air missile in two 4-missileracks

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