IAI Presents Strikes – 122mm Precision Rocket

Haifa, Israel: Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will unveil a series of effective and affordable weapon systems at this year's Eurosatory Symposium and Exhibition in Paris.
These systems share the common vision of affordability and precision, transforming "statistical" artillery into precision weapons.

IAI's vision of future weapon systems stresses the ability to create highly precise systems that enable the support fire elements to do their jobs faster, more accurately and with much less collateral damage.
IAI is presenting the "Strikes", a 122 mm Precision Rocket which can hit targets with a very high rate of precision. Strikes is composed of a 122 mm rocket and a guidance kit, which is installed between the head of the rocket and the motor.
Once the rocket has been fired, the motor is disconnected, and the rocket head with the guidance kit continue towards the target, utilizing a GPS which operates the four steering fins.
Zvi Top, head of the Precision Strike Systems Directorate in the MLM Division of IAI's Systems, Missiles, and Space Group, said: "From the beginning, 122 mm rockets were used as precision artillery. Strikes has a much greater precision capability than the regular 122 rocket,which helps avoid potential damage of the surrounding area. Theinexpensive price of this upgrade provides IAI with a new, promisingbusiness line."

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