Russia will supply Su-30 Flanker fighters and Yak-130 Mitten trainer/light attack jets to Algeria in 2011.

Russia will supply Su-30 Flanker fighters and Yak-130 Mittentrainer/light attack jets to Algeria in 2011, the deputy head of theRussian Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation, VyacheslavDzirkalin, said.
"The delivery of Su-30s and Yak-130s [to Algeria] is due to begin next year, this is no military secret," Dzirkalin said.

Earlier in April, the head of Russian Technologies stateCorporation, Sergei Chemezov, in an interview with the Novaya Gazetaweekly said Russia would ship to Algeria "a party of modern Russianfighters" at a price of about $1 billion.
Dzirkalin did not specify the number of aircraft to be delivered to Algeria.
Speaking about Russian-Algerian Navy partnership, Dzirkalin saidthat "636 series diesel submarines are being repaired and modernized,but the Algerian side has not stated anything on the purchase of thenew subs."
The 636 Kilo diesel-electric submarine is a more advanced version ofa 877 Paltus sub. The Chinese Navy has two Russian Kilo submarinesbuilt at one of the leading submarine shipbuilding companies, AdmiraltyShipyards in St.Petersburg.

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